Tuesday, May 29, 2007

bubba and amanda get engaged

Hi darlings,had a great week end with the youn'ins,my son Bubba got engaged and is going to marry my x husbands stepdaughter!x and I are going to be in lawys!were from a small town and the x and I grew up togeather so its a good thing we get along,Her name is Amanda and she is a sweet girl,shes about 5 ' tall and bubba is 6'5".hope y'all had a great holiday.Sounds v
like a southern things!x's stepdaughter marring into my family.it only gets better haha!her father had married my 3er cousin and his cousin married our cousin!Auggie our dog sleeps in the bathtub with all the kids home .off to create art


PAT said...

Hello Jesse!

Congratulations to Bubba and Amanda..they are a cute couple!

I'm catching up this morning, after being at the lake since last Thursday!

Hope your doing well. Thank you, for visiting the back porch!

Back Porch Musings

lila said...

A cute couple! Best wishes to them!!!

Sue said...

I agree, cute couple! Best wishes! Nothing like keeping it in the family! lol

see you there! said...

Well don't they look cute. Sounds like you have a happy family to me.

Hurry up and do those swap boxes (no, you don't owe me one). I want that journal to start. Not that I'm anxious or anything, haha.


She'sSewPretty said...

Congrats to them! I'm sorry Jessie...but this post just made me giggle and giggle!

ancient one said...

Congratulations to Bubba and Amanda. Yep, sounds just like us Southern folks. LOL

ValGalArt said...

Congratulations to all and hope you have a big ol party! I will send you my address and it's no big deal I have not sent out my box to you... have a creative week!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

You are right Jesse that does sound like life in the south...I live here. So your little love birds aren't actually related-everything is okay:)

A bird in the hand said...

Catching up with you Jessie! Congratulations to the happy couple (they sure do look happy!!).

I've put some pretty papers together for you and a few other things and will mail them out to you on Monday. Just a little gift from me. Please don't feel you have to send anything back.


kim said...

Congrats, hon! They are cute!