Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I will be doing some canning in about 3 weeks,I can save anyone hairloom seeds like tonatoes.cucumbers,purple bell peppers.okra,corn.squash,purple hull peas ect.so just hollorheres some art I just put on ebay


ancient one said...

Since you assure me there is such a thing as purple bell pepper, I guess I will just save some of these seeds. Thanks for your offer. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't planting egg plant..LOL

One thing we are finding harder to find is Homestead tomatoes. Do you have any of those seeds? Let me know.

Love your art work. It reminds me of life in the south about the time I was growing up. Did you ever ride on tobacco stick horses? We tied a string on one end for the reins, straddled that stick and rode for miles playing cowboys and Indians with our pointed fingers as our guns. Those were the days!!

kansasrose said...

I still have your sunflower seends hon. I am saving some corn and melon heirlooms for you too. Do you grow asparagus? Got some of those seeds too. Love your folk art paintings. They have such a sweet spirit to them. xxxooo

ValGalArt said...

Love your new art! I am still waiting for Swamp Witch? I hope you didn't forget me... Nice to see you are doing well.

GardenGoose said...

I actually grew some purple bell peppers this year. They tend to have a thinner skin than the green peppers..at least mine did. It was fun to grow them.Will have to save the seeds from the last one I just gathered.
Love these 3 pictures you have posted. Visited your ebay store. really nice artworks. Love the style.