Thursday, June 14, 2007

hi darlings

Hi all my sweetpeas,
Have been so busy with this drought but my garden is looking great.I do orginatic and started last fall working my soil for the garden,adding lime,epson salt for the tomatoes ect then working the soil till it was like powder,then covered the garden with leaves and kept them watered 2-3 times a week so they would break down,then come spring gave it several good tillings.I have home health helping with my father and my son yold me his girl friend is expecting so I am keeping fingers crossed.will try to catch up and visit y'all this week to all xxxxooooo


kansasrose said...

Hi Jesse! Oh many blessings on the wonderful news of your son and his girlfriend expecting a baby! They will have my prayers for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery of a sweet baby. Your garden looks beautiful and so verdant and healthy! You really have the green touch hon! That corn looks mighty good! It's so tall already! I just finsihed planting my corn lol! Nothing better than roasting ears dripping with butter. Thanks for visiting my blog. Take care dear and love to you. xxxoooJenny

PAT said...

Hi Jessie...Good news about the expected baby!

We don't grow vegetables these days. I miss those times! Nothing like good fresh veggies!

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CJ said...

Hey Jessie,
Your 'corn is as high as an elephants eye'. I suspect you have eight green fingers and two green thumbs!!!:) Such good news about the baby...will pray that all goes well,

ancient one said...

Your corn looks good. The corn across the road from me looks pretty good too. It has been really dry in eastern NC. The weather man predicted rain for us tomorrow... seems to come just when its needed the most...God is Good!!

GardenGoose said...

the corn looks nice and green. always so fun to watch things grow.