Monday, June 18, 2007

moving day!

Have y'all ever tryed to get 3 teenagers moved?Thats what we have been doing,trying to get me son and his girlfriend moved to Milton Florida them my daughter to Mobile.Its amazing how empty the house is now as I had been yardselling getting washer and dryers for them,The x's wife had been helping,gathering furnuture and things for 2 households!We found some great buyes at $ stores and yard sells.And my family clan has been gathering things like can goods 5 for $1,condemends and spices ect,my sisters inlaws and one of my daughters has each gotten 1 good referigators
It is amazing what a home can gather over the years,from drawings,holiday.mothers day cards, a cow skull from a 3rd grade sicence project,toys from each gereration of younings from Dukes of Hazzerds,E.T,BATMAN,NENJIE TURTLES,CARE BARES,FRAGGLE ROCK(WHICH I LOVED)GOONNIES,LEGOS,TRANSFORMERS,MATCHBOX CARS. ECT. I dont think I missed a year of new toys that came out.
some one said something about empty nest sindrome?After 35 years of mine,his,theires and foster youn'ins I belive I will enjoy the quite,and theres grandyoun'ins comming so....i AM GOING TO TRY AND RESTRIGHTEN THE HOUSE UP THEN GET BACK TO VISTING AND PAINTING.Right now the house is still full of kids cause its going to be 2-3 weeks for their apartments are ready,baby daughter is moving in with one of my other daughters.Their also taking the rabbit,2 cats.2 dogs.3 birds and the ratcoon.all thats going to be left is my dog auggie and the rooster/chickens.later gators.xxoo Jessie


A bird in the hand said...

Dear Jesse, just came by to say hello. You all sure are busy!
I haven't sent your papers yet because I kept forgetting to get a big envelope, but I have one now, so I'll get moving and mail it off to you tomorrow. Meanwhile, you take care and once the chicks have flown the coop, I know you'll have a ball!

ancient one said...

Still a dog and the chickens and the rooster, you'll have them to keep you company and keep you busy!

Enjoy your quite time!!

Pam Aries said...

I know it must be an empty feeling! Everything will be fine though! I have not mailed your package! I kept meaning to add to it! Yikes! I do not know what the hech is up with me anymore! I have had it ready for weeks except to add a little something..

kansasrose said...

Hi sweetheart! Moving kids is chore but when it's all finsihed you can breathe easy and they will be happy and content and you will have more space and they will still be around to hang out with you and eat meals My oldest girl is getting married next June and she told me she is bringing a "crap load" of stuff home here from her apartment to sell in a yard sale. See what I mean? I still have her dolls and toys and trolls ( remember those ugly things from 15 years ago)in the basement! We will be harvesting wheat now...the weather looks good. Hope to have it done by Sunday! DH runs the combine and I drive ole mabel ( my old 1970 army truck that we use for a wheat truck) to haul the wheat to the big grain elevator. mabel is 3 on the floor shifting and loud and the gears grind and she smokes up a storm when heavy with the wheat and sometimes I wonder if she will make it to the elevator but she always does. People laugh at me and the truck cause there is all these huge big fancy semi trucks bringing in wheat and then old ugly 1970 rusted and loud mabel but she is paid for and gets the job done by gum!!!! But I feel like Granny Clampett driving her. lol. Loveyou, krxxxooo ps got your goodie box ready to send..keep adding stuff lol. it will be next week when I mail it.

PAT said...

Hi Jessie, you have been having some excitement for sure! When we moved four years ago, I thought that was really something. Here, you are helping move lots of folks!

Enjoy the peaceful quietude, Jessie!

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She'sSewPretty said...

Oh gosh, Jessie, you've been busy. I'm not sure I will enjoy it when my kids are gone or if I will be lonely and missing the messes.

purple cucumbers folk art said...

I am going to enjoy the quite,after all my kids,his,hers,theirs and foster youn'ins some peace and quite will be nice!At least till the grandbaby gets here!I have had 35 years of all shape,size,color,religion ect and its noce to be able to sit and eat quitly!xxoo

Anonymous said...