Thursday, June 21, 2007

need y'alls help darlings

Thats why I posted to y'all.any ideas will help!
theres some artist on ebay under things like
A4U,ebsq,wwao these artist have groups using theses as key words to search certain artist and it helps there sales on ebay.

I have 5 artist who wont to start a thing on ebay with our own name so that folks can type it in and will look just for our work?any ideas.susgestions?they were wonting a mixture of art,not just altered or folk art,quilters ect ect.anyone wont to do this?xxoo
heres a marketing lady from ebay who helps with boosting your ebay sales

Vila Deuel
eBay Seller OnRamp.
(866) 328-3229 ext.51898
oh I made quick visits to everyone and y'alls art



Susan Tuttle said...

Good luck with your Ebay endeavors--I'm not sure how to help--maybe email Ebay customer help with your ideas, and see what they suggest?


purple cucumbers folk art said...

Thanks darling,I will but I also wont y'alls ideas to.xxoo

ancient one said...

I don't really know... but I remember bidding on an item once and it had some strange letters at the end of the description... I emailed the person selling, wanting to know what they meant, and he said it was just some letters he used at the end of the description so that people could find his items. Sounds like what you want to do.

Are you asking for artists to join you? If so, maybe some of them will be interested. I'm definitely not an artist...LOL Never had an original idea... I just copy others!