Wednesday, October 24, 2007

NEW WORK,RAINY DAYS,jerky recipe

added note:bueatful day,enjoyed the weekend with younin's,we went out back and gathered pecans for my holiday cooking,cold is better ,weather chillie but bueatful,WHAT A GREAT DAY TO BE ALIVE!
hI DARLINGS,HAVE HAD A TERRIABLE COLD AND FEAVER,DID GET SOME NEW THINGS ON EBAY,8 PIECES IN A NEW STYLE,purple*cucumbers ,weather has been cold and rainie and fall seems to be here!All the younin's are home and I am trying to get some homemade beef and deer jerky made.All is well her just a bit tird from the head cold.Am going to visit folks in blog land.later gators.
Oh,heres the jerky recipe
We use beef and venison both b y'all can use any kind ,turkey,rabbit or what ever.
In a big old bowl mix up your marinating.
3 cups whistersire sauce
2 cups soy sauce
sugar to taste,we use brown sugar about 1 cup
katchup ,about 1 cup,
pinch of salt,to taste add hot sauce,garlic and any other spices y'all wont.
Add your meat thats been sliced real thin.
I only make jerky in the cold winter cause we always used MaMa's old drying pans and used the smoke house but last Christmas the younin's bought me a dehiderator .
Anyway mix up your meat and marinating real good and let sat a spell like overnight in referigator ,mix up again then add it to your drying pans or dehiderator.
My machine has 6 trays so I let it dehiderate on there for 6-8 hours.


Megan said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been well, and I hope the head cold has cleared now.

That jerky sounds delicious too - yum!

Megan xx

kansasrose said...

Hope that dang head cold clears up and the fever goes away! Your days with your youngins and the jerkey sounds so much fun! Glad ya got some good rains know ya need that rain bad down your way. I love that rain sound at night too and those train whistles take us to good places, don't they? I am planting wheat this weekend by the light of this fat October moon which is good luck for the grains. Then...make pumpkin puree and sauce up the rest of the tomatoes and peppers form the garden. We had frost last night on the grass. Fall is knockin at my door. Loveyou Jessie. xxxooo

ancient one said...

Some of my "wild" grandchildren make and eat beef and deer jerky. I think they use your recipe, or one close to it.

Hope you are soon completely well of your cold!!

Mary said...

Hope you are feeling better soon and that the fever breaks.

Love the jerky recipe and am going to give it a try.

Blessings for a better week ahead.

deborah wilson said...

I'm visiting your blog today, I followed the link here from Ann's blog. Your paintings, the art work on your blog is beautiful..:)

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Hello Jessie! From you inserted note it look's like your feeling better.

It's getting colder, but we've
had a lot of beautiful sun out
shining through the day.

I put some photos of a Doe & Fawn
on my blog that I had taken.

May the Good Lord Bless Your Week!

ValGalArt said...

So happy to hear from you! Sounds like life is good! Your food sounds yummy! later gator!

michelle said...

this jerky recipe sounds fantastic. i hope my husband gets his deer pretty soon!

I really like this painting here. The texture, the old coke house. And, most of all how the kids are at the lemonade stand and not at the soda house. Meaningful, creative and darling.

PAT said...

Hi Jessie, it's taken me awhile to get over here to see you!

The jerky sounds wonderful. That's something J would enjoy making.


GardenGoose said...

hope you get to feeling beter real soon.
will add your blog to my blog list.
always love to meet new friends too.